Use the Icon and Link to Popup Text block to add a transcript for a video.

  1. From the edit page view, click Add To Content and select Add Block.

  2. From the Add Block modal, select Icon and Link to Popup Text.
    screenshot of add block with icon and link to popup text highlighted

  3. The Add Icon and Link to Popup Text form will appear. Choose +Select an icon. 
    screenshot of the link to popup text icon
  4. The File Manager will appear with the icons assigned to the course. Select the checkbox for the icon for the Icon and Link to Popup Text block.

    Screenshot of: Click here.

  5. Select Choose from the menu.

    Screenshot of: Click here.

  6. Enter the text that will serve as the link in the Enter link text: field, and add the text to the Enter popup text: field. Select the +Add button.

  7. The Icon and Link to Popup Text block displays in the edit page view. Select Publish My Edits to save the block to the page.

  8. Once the changes are published and the edit page view is exited, the content will display as it will appear to learners.

    Accessibility icon with link to a modal with a transcript

    Modal with transcript