Only a System Administrator or Graphic Designer can create or edit an icon set.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Settings and select Icons.

  2. Select the Add New Icon Set button.

  3. Complete the Add New Icon Set page. Only the Name:* field is required. Enter a width and height if the icons need to be sized differently; otherwise, leave the width and height fields blank. Click the Next button.


  4. The Edit Icon Set page will appear. Select the +Add New Icons... button to upload a new icon into the set.

  5. Navigate to the icon file's location, select the file, and click Open.

    Screenshot of a dialog prompting you to select images from your computer.  Arrow is pointing at the "open" button.

  6. A progress bar will appear and the icons will appear on the screen once they've been uploaded. Enter a name and default text for each icon. The default text will populate the Enter text: field for the Icon and Text block.

    Screenshot of the "edit icon set" page, after icons have been uploaded.  Each icon has a name field, default text field, and a delete button.

    Default text in the Add Icon and Text form