System Administrators and Course Administrators can add a page in any course. Course Leaders can add a page in any course to which they are assigned. Editors can add a page in any course (or module) to which they are assigned.

  1. Navigate to the course module where a page needs to be added.
  2. There are two ways to add a new page of content.
    • Select the +Add Page button from the Manage Module view.

    • Select the +Add New Page link from any Page view.
      Note: The course Navigation menu is dynamic so it may not appear if the screen is not wide enough.

  3. The Add Page form will appear. Enter a page name and then choose a page template to use from the Template: dropdown. When the form is complete, select the Submit button.
    Note: The URL Stub: field will auto-populate based on the Page Name: field.

    To learn more about the Equation Rendering: setting, refer to How do I configure equation rendering in CourseArc?.