1. From the edit page view, click Add To Content and then Add Block.

  2. From the Add Block modal, select HTML.

  3. Type or paste in the HTML code and select the Add+ button.
    screenshot of custom code block with code inside of it

  4. The new block will display on the page in the edit page view. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the block to the page.

    If there are any errors in the HTML code, the HTML block may display with an error message in edit mode.

    Some HTML code may not display content in the edit page view, but all HTML blocks will be represented on the page with red dotted-line boxes. In this example, there are small HTML blocks—with code that does not display—above and below the larger HTML block displaying the Color for Dummies content.

  5. Once the changes are published and the edit page view is exited, the content displays as it will appear to learners.