Multi-branding is a feature that allows the same content to be branded in multiple ways. Multi-branding is also linked with the LTI feature to ensure that traffic from different sources is branded appropriately.

  1. Set up multiple themes in the theme editor. These themes must have the same base template.
    Note: This step requires System Administrator or Graphic Designer privileges.

  2. Set up separate LTI connections for each institution that will access the content. 
    Note: This step requires System Administrator privileges. 
    • Click on the Settings navigation panel, select LTI from the dropdown menu. Then, select LTI Properties
    • While creating or editing the LTI connections, select the theme that should be associated with the LTI connection. For example, if setting up an LTI connection for the University of Maryland, select the theme for the University of Maryland.

    • Select multi-branding options and click the Save button when you are done.

  3. Enable multi-branding for the course.
    • Navigate to the course and select the Edit button.

      Course page with an arrow pointed at the Edit button

    • Make sure that the Yes checkbox next to the Enable Multibranding: is selected. Select Save to save the changes.
      screenshot of the enable multi branding radio button selected

  4. Preview the course by navigating to a content page in the course, selecting the theme, and clicking the Preview button.

    Screenshot of preview section of sidebar with an arrows pointed at the theme selector and preview button