It's not feasible to provide detailed LTI configuration guidance for every LMS, but the steps for most LMSes are generally similar. 

  1. Set up the LTI connection in CourseArc.
  2. Configure the LTI tool in the LMS. Consult the LMS documentation, or see if the LMS instructions are listed here.
  3. Click the Settings dropdown and select LTI.

  4. The LTI page view displays.

  5. Get the following information from the LTI page view:
    • Domain—
    • Key—edutent
    • Secret—unique 25-character string (obfuscated in screenshot)

  6. If the LMS has the following options, enable both options.
    • Send student name and email address to tool 
    • Allow tool to post grades back to LMS

  7. Embed the module into a course.
    Note: Only a System Administrator, Course Administrator, and Course Leader have permission to view the LTI embed link information.
    • In CourseArc, navigate to the course module to embed. Click the Manage dropdown and select the LTI Embed option.
    • The LTI Embed modal displays. Click the Copy Link button to copy the module LTI URL to the clipboard.

  8. Consult your LMS documentation to learn how to embed the copied module LTI URL into a course.