The Insert Link to Page feature is available in the following blocks:

  • Cloze
  • Content
  • Icon and Link to Popup Text
  • Icon and Text
  • Instructor Notes
  • Standout

The Content block will be used to demonstrate how to link to another page of content in a course.

  1. From the edit page view, click Add To Content and select Add Block.

  2. From the Add Block modal, select Content.

  3. Highlight the text to link from and select Insert Link to Page.

  4. A modal will display with a list of all the modules within the course. Click a module's + control to show the pages in the module.

  5. Select the page that will be the destination of the link.

  6. Select Add+ to save the Content block.

  7. The page is published and displays a link, Assessments are covered in more detail in Ongoing Evaluation, to another page in the course.

    Link destination is the Assessments page in the Ongoing Evaluation module

    Note: The page hyperlink is configured to open in the same window as the default. If the link should open in a new window, toggle into the HTML mode and add the "target=_blank" attribute to the hyperlink tag.

    //<a target="_blank" title="Assessments" href="">Assessments are covered in more detail in Ongoing Evaluation</a>//