Single Sign On (SSO) is available by using LTI. Through an LMS, you can set up an LTI-based link to the following URL: 


It is recommended that the LTI link is set to open up in a new window to give course builders enough screen real estate to edit in CourseArc. It is also recommended that the LTI settings are configured to send over the user's name and email address. For more information about setting up LTI within CourseArc or an LMS, refer to How do I create an LTI connection in CourseArc?.

When a user navigates to the SSO link, they will be logged into their existing CourseArc account if one exists. If a CourseArc user account does not exist, a CourseArc user account will be created. A System Administrator, Course Administrator, or Course Leader will need to assign the new user account to system, course, or module level roles before the new user can access or edit course content.