1. From the edit page view, click Add To Content and select Add Block.

  2. Select Audio from the Add Block modal.

  3. The Add Audio form will appear. Select one of the Type of Embed: options and configure the corresponding field that appears (Audio File:, Track URL:, or Embed Code:). Add a transcript for the audio to make the block content accessible and click the Add+ button.

  4. The new block will now appear on the page in the edit page view. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the block to the page. The Audio Transcript link ensures that the audio content is accessible to everyone.

  5. Publishing the changes exits the edit page view and displays the content as it will appear to learners.

    The Add Audio form changes based on the Type of Embed: configuration.

    Uploaded MP3 file

    Linking to SoundCloud audio file

    Embed code