1. From the Edit Page view, click Add to Content then click Add Block.

  2. From the Add Block window, select Audio.

  3. The Add Audio form will appear. Select one of the following choices:
    • Upload an audio file (AAC or MP3 supported).
    • In the Track URL: field, link to a URL for streaming audio.
    • Paste the embed code.
      screenshot of the audio type options
  4. Based on the type of embed selected, the form will change. Add a transcript for the audio to ensure that the block is accessible and click the Add+ button.screenshot of the audio form completed
  5. The new block will now appear on the page in the Edit Page view. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the block to the page. The Audio Transcript link will display to ensure that the audio is accessible to anyone with a hearing impairment.

  6. Publishing the changes exits the Edit Page view and displays the content as it will appear to the end user.

    As stated in step 4, the Add Audio form will change based on the type of embed selected.
    AAC or MP3

    Embed code