The Poll block poses a question and provides up to five customizable responses from which learners may select a single response. If published, poll results are anonymized.

  1. From the edit page view, click Add To Content and select Add Block.

  2. Select Poll from the Add Block modal.

  3. The Add Poll form will appear. Enter the question and poll options. Click the Add+ button to save the Poll block.

  4. The new Poll block will now appear on the page in the edit page view. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the block to the course page.

  5. Once the changes are published and the edit page view is exited, the content displays as it will appear to learners.
    If the Publish Results? setting is enabled, the current poll results will appear after the learner makes a selection.

    Learners may make only one selection per poll.

    If more than one question or different question types are needed, the Survey block supports multiple questions and features five different question types. To learn more about the Survey block, refer to How do I create a survey?.