All screen readers are linear. Unlike someone who is sighted and can visualize multiple things at once on a page, the screen reader has to go in order. Therefore, it is critical that your content follows a logical reading order. 

Screen readers will read CourseArc content according to the order in which the blocks are on the page, based on the Edit View. Therefore, be cautious when you left or right-align an image and have text wrapping below it. Take a look at the following example:

Scenario 1:

In the Edit View, the image is the first block on the page and is right-aligned so it will be read first by the screen reader, followed by the text block below it.  

screenshot of visual reading order of blocks 

However, when the content is published since the image is right-aligned, the text appears on the left, indicating it should be read before the image. If this were to impact the meaning of the lesson, the visual order would need to be adjusted. However, if the order does not impact the meaning on the screen, it does not have to be adjusted.

screenshot of published content

Scenario 2

Now, look at how we have adjusted the sequence in the edit mode by changing the alignment of the image to center. We also moved the text block above the image.

As a result, the screen reader will read the content in the same order as within the Edit View.