All screen readers present content linearly to users. Unlike sighted individuals that can see multiple elements on a page and choose where to focus attention, the screen reader has to proceed through page content one element at a time. Content should be organized so that the screen reader follows a logical reading order. 

Screen readers read CourseArc content according to the order in which the blocks appear on the page in the Edit Page view.

In this Edit Page view, an Image block is the first block on the page. The image alt text, credit, and caption will be read first by screen readers followed by the text in the Content block below it.

Even though Content block text wraps around images that are left- or right-aligned when a page is published, screen readers will still read the Image block first.

screenshot of published content

If the reading order in the previous example affects the meaning of the lesson, the visual order can be adjusted so that the Content block text is read first by moving the Content block above the Image block.

In this published view, screen readers will read the Content block text before the Image block text.