Note: If the CourseArc design team created the organization's theme, please email us at if you need assistance with accent colors. 

The glossary color scheme pulls from Accent Colors 1 and Accent Colors 2. Only a System Administrator or Graphic Designer can update the accent colors in the Themes settings.

  1. Click on the Settings option on the navigation bar and select Themes from the dropdown.

  2. Choose the theme that needs to be modified and click Edit Properties.

  3. Choose the colors for Accent Color 1 and Accent Color 2 making sure that both of these colors have sufficient contrast with a white background. WebAIM has a great contrast checker to ensure that the colors are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.
    screenshot of color fields with accent 1 and 2 highlighted

Accent Color 1

Accent Color 1 applies to the banner background and font for the glossary.
Note: Accent Color 1 also controls the Accordions, Tabs, and Flashcards blocks.

Accent Color 2

Accent Color 2 applies to the search icon, scrollbars, and rollover color in the glossary.