Browser Support

  • For content creators, the latest version of every major browser is supported. At the time of writing, this means that we officially support: 

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Google Chrome 74

    • Mozilla Firefox 66

    • Safari 12

  • For learners accessing CourseArc content, we support the latest 2 versions of every major browser. We do not support Internet Explorer.

Mobile Support

  • Creating content via a mobile device is not recommended or officially supported for content creators, due to sizing constraints. 

  • For learners accessing CourseArc content, all content is functional on mobile devices as long as the LMS supports LTI on mobile devices.  We support the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. 


Broadband internet > 1 mbps is recommended but not required.

LTI Authentication 

Content creators and learners who are accessing CourseArc content through their LMS are authenticated using LTI, which utilizes oAuth 1.0. By default, CourseArc content cannot be accessed without this LTI authentication, unless the content creator opts to make the course public. 

Firewall Settings

Port 443 for https should be open and all connections to (yoursubdomain) should be allowed. 


All content creators and learners must have cookies enabled in order to use CourseArc and/or interact with content.