Only System Administrators, Course Administrators, and Course Leaders can assign a user to a course level role. 

1. Select the course that needs a user added to a course role.

2. In the Manage Course: view, click the Edit Course button.

Note: If the course has a glossary, the Course Report and Edit Course options will be in the Manage dropdown.

3. The Edit Course view will display.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Course view where the course role assignments are located.

5.  Select the add role button for the role that needs a user added.

6. To add a user to the course-level user role, click the checkbox next to the user name.

7. When the user checkbox is enabled for one or more users, the Assign button will appear. Click the Assign button to add selected users to the role.

7. The Edit Course view shows the additional user assigned to the Approver course role. Click Submit to save the changes.