In order to integrate CourseArc content with Brightspace, the CourseArc System Administrator and Brightspace administrator must work together to get the initial LTI connection set up.

  1. Click the Admin Tools gear icon.
  2. Select External Learning Tools.

  3. Select Manage Tool Providers.

  4. Select New Tool Provider.
  5. Configure the New Tool Provider form settings as follows:
    Launch Point: 

    OAuth Signature Method: HMAC-SHA1 

    ✔️Use custom tool consumer information instead of default: Enable

    Key: copy/paste from CourseArc Dashboard\Settings\LTI

    Secret: copy/paste from CourseArc Dashboard\Settings\LTI

    Visibility: Allow users to use this tool provider 

    Enable all security settings 

    Make the tool provider available to any organizations within Brightspace that will be using CourseArc

  6. Click Save and Close.