Confirm that CourseArc LTI settings are configured properly.

Update Global LTI Tool

Add content to course with Instructor Role

Update the Global LTI Tool within the Learning Management System (LMS) from the System Admin role

  1. Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Manage Tools.

  2. Find the CourseArc tool and select the gear icon to update the settings. 

  3. Confirm that these settings are updated as follows:
    Tool name: Tool name should indicate that the content source is CourseArc (e.g., CourseArc Content Selector)
    Tool URL: URL should include “/lti-select” at the end
    Tool configuration usage: Select Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool from the drop-down list

    Default launch container: Embed, without blocks
    Content-Item MessageEnabled
    Content Selection URL: URL should include “/lti-select” at the end

Add CourseArc content to a course from the Instructor role

  1. Go to the course home page and select +Add an activity or resource under the Topic where the content needs to be added.

  1. Double click on the external tool (tool name entered in previous section, step 3).

  2. The Adding a new External Tool form will appear. Enter a name in the Activity name field and click the Select content button.

  3. The Select Content screen will appear in a new window displaying all the content the instructor has access to—listed by course—with modules linked underneath. Select the content that needs to be added.

  4. The Adding a new External Tool form will reappear with a notification stating that the content has been successfully fetched and the Tool URL field is populated with the LTI embed link.
    Note: Confirm the link has been populated by clicking the Show more… link.

  5. Click the Privacy and Grade disclosure triangles to access the grade and grade passback settings.
    Note: The Privacy setting Accept grades from the tool must be enabled for grade passback to work.

  6. Select the Save and Display button.

  7. The content will display as expected.