Confirm that CourseArc LTI settings are configured properly.

Update the Global LTI Tool within the Learning Management System (LMS) from the System Admin role

  1. Go to Administrator Panel > Integrations > LTI Tool Providers. 

  2. The list of LTI Tool Providers will appear. Find the existing CourseArc LTI tool, click the drop-down menu and choose Manage Placements.

  3. From the Manage Placements page, select Create Placement. 

  4. The Placement Information form will appear. Complete the form as follows (* denotes a required field):

    1. *Label: Enter a label for the tool. This label or name is what will be displayed to instructors from inside their courses when they add content.

    2. Description: Descriptions only appear if the tool is available to students.Leave this field blank.

    3. *Handle: Enter the handle for the tool. The handle will become a database entry so it must be unique.

    4. *Availability: Set to Yes.

    5. Type: Select Deep Linking Content Tool and then check Allows student access.
      Note: Some versions of Blackboard don’t allow have the Deep Linking option. If this is the case, select the Course Content Tool option and then check Supports deep linking.

    6. Launch in New Window: Leave this setting unchecked. 

    7. Icon: Add an icon for the tool by clicking the Browse button and uploading a 50 x 50 pixel image file. If this LTI placement is in a course with the Original Course View, the icon appears with the link in the list of Tools. In the Ultra Course View, the icon appears with the link in the Content Market, but doesn't appear with the link on the Course Content page. The icon is optional.

    8. *Tool Provider URL:

    9. *Tool Provider Key: This field will auto-populate based on the tool settings. 

    10. *Tool Provider Secret: This field will auto-populate based on the tool settings. 

    11. Click the Submit button to add the placement.

  5. Once the placement has been successfully added, you will receive a notification and the new placement will appear in the Manage Placements view.

Add CourseArc content to your course from the Instructor role 

  1. Go to the course home page and select Content. From the Content menu select CourseArc from the Build Content drop-down menu.

  2. The Select Content screen will appear in a new window displaying all the content the instructor has access to—listed by course—with modules linked underneath. Select the content that needs to be added.

  3. The CourseArc content will appear in the list of Module content. Publish the item and then click on it to launch the content.

  4. The content will display as expected.