Content blocks that can be embedded in an Accordion block section, Quiz block question prompt, or a Tabs block tab:

  • Audio
  • Citation (formerly Creative Commons Attribution)
  • Generic Video
  • HTML
  • Icon and Text
  • Icon and Link to Popup Text
  • Image
  • Interactive Graphs
  • Self Check*
  • Standout
  • Vimeo Player
  • YouTube Video
    *not available for embedding in the Quiz block question prompt; and can only be added to an Accordions or Tabs block that was added to the page prior to the Self Check block creation

  1. Add an Accordion, Quiz, or Tabs block to the page. This Accordion, Quiz, or Tabs block will serve as a host block.
    Note: If the blocks to be embedded have already been created on the page, the Accordion, Quiz, or Tabs block must be saved before the Add Block from Page button will work.

  2. Configure the Title:* and Content:* fields as needed for each required section. Click the Save button to save the Accordions block.

  3. Add and configure the content blocks to be embedded in the host block. Create the blocks in the order in which they will appear within the host blocks.
    Note: The blocks may be created in any order, but it is recommended to arrange the blocks on the page in the order that they will be embedded within the host block.

    Pairs of Icon and Text and Image blocks to be embedded in three Accordions block sections in edit page view

  4. Open the Accordions host block for editing.

  5. Click the Add Block from Page button.

    Zoomed view of Add Block from Page button

  6. The Insert Block popup appears. Select the block to be added from the Insert Block dropdown and click OK.
    Note: An individual content block should only be embedded once. If a content block is embedded more than once, it will only display in the last instance that it was embedded.

  7. The placeholder graphic shows that an Icon and Text block has been embedded in the Accordion section SHIRLEY BOOTH.

  8. Accordion section with multiple embedded block placeholders.

    Content block pairs embedded in the three Accordion block sections
    Published view of Accordions block with embedded Icon and Text and Image blocks

    Published view of Tabs block with embedded Icon and Text and Image blocks

    Published view of Question Prompt question type (Quiz block) with embedded Icon and Text and Image blocks

    Multimedia blocks within blocks from CourseArc on Vimeo