Before adding a module to a course in Blackboard Ultra, the System Administrator and Blackboard administrator must complete the initial LTI setup. Verify with your Blackboard administrator that CourseArc has been installed before proceeding.

  1. In CourseArc, navigate to the course module that needs to be embedded. Click on the LTI Embed button.
    Note: Only a System Administrator, Course Administrator, and Course Leader have permission to view LTI embed link information.

  2. Select and copy the LTI URL from the modal window that appears.

  3. Navigate to the Blackboard Ultra course.

    • Select the content area where the CourseArc content should reside

    • Click the purple (+) icon and select CREATE
    • Select Teaching Tools with LTI Connection

    • Provide a descriptive name for the link (e.g., Module 1 Lesson)
      • Set the visibility
      • Check the box to open the link in a new window
      • Allow class conversations and/or create a gradebook entry (gradebook entry will transfer grade data from CourseArc to Blackboard)
    • Paste the LTI link into the Configuration URL field
      Note: Ultra will automatically remove the https: from the Configuration URL field
    • Provide a description for learners
    • Click SAVE