The following CourseArc blocksAccordions, Cloze, Content, Graphing, Instructor Notes, and Tabshave a WYSIWYG text editor that includes a foreign language tagging option. If you do not see this 'Select Language' option and need it, ask your CourseArc System Administrator to submit a ticket to have this feature turned on for your organization.

In the block edit view of a supported block, use the Select Language dropdown to assign the appropriate language tag to the foreign language text. 

Note: The supported content blocks will display each supported foreign language in a unique color.

Foreign language tagging enables screen readers to identify supported languages for learners. In this example, the tag lang="nl" indicates that the text following is Dutch.

screenshot of code showing language tagging

By default, languages supported for tagging include Czech, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Latin, and Spanish. Other foreign language options may be configured to replace one or more of the default options.

Content block with different examples of foreign language text
Screenshot of content block with colors showing languages applied