The File Manager in CourseArc is a complete file management tool to help you build your content faster and easier than ever before.

Here is a brief overview of the main File Manager page.

  1. Manage files - this is where you can see and manage all your files in the File Manager. System Administrators will also see a Manage Sets tab here.
  2. All files / My files - use this toggle to filter between the files you have uploaded and all files with public access in the File Manager
  3. In Course - use this dropdown to see files associated with a particular course in CourseArc.
  4. In Set(s) - use this dropdown to see files which have been added to particular file sets.
  5. Keywords - use this field to search for files using keywords.
  6. Upload/Drag - files can be upload by dragging anywhere on the File Manager page, or by clicking the Upload/Drag button to select a file.
  7. Customize Table - customize what columns you see in the File Manager table.
  8. File Select - select the checkbox to access action items for a particular file or files.
  9. File Information - information for a file shows in the table. What information shows will depend on how each user customizes the table. Some examples are: File Type, File Title, Date Added, Author, etc.
  10. Access - use this to change a file from public to hidden. Public files can be seen and used by any user, while hidden files can only be seen and used by the user that uploaded them (and the system administrator).
  11. Alt Text - Alt Text can be added to any image in the File Manager. If you have chosen to see Alt Text in the table, you can add and change the Alt Text using the edit pencil.

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