Note: The Google Classroom integration must be set up with CourseArc and your Google Workspace Administrator before CourseArc content can be used in a Google Classroom.

To share a lesson that was created in CourseArc into your Google Classroom for your students:

  1. Log in to Google in your Chrome browser with your organization’s teacher account.
  2. Log in to your CourseArc account.
  3. Inside CourseArc, navigate to the Course where the lesson you want to share is located.
  4. From the main Course page, select Manage, then select Course Report.Course dashboard with the manage menu item and Course report selected.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Course Reports page. The Google Share URLs will be located in the last section on the page.
  6. Select the Copy button for the lesson you want to share.Google Share URLs area of the Course Reports page showing lesson names, sharing URL and copy buttons.
  7. Paste the URL into the Chrome browser’s URL field. (It will look something like this with the organization filled in and a number on the end:
  8. If prompted, select your Google Account and select ‘Allow’ to grant permission for CourseArc to 
  • See, edit, and create classroom materials Google Classroom and 
  • See, create and edit coursework items including assignments, questions, and grades.
    Teacher prompt to allow CourseArc access to Google Classroom
  1. Select your organization name from the ‘Select your organization:’ dropdown menu.

Select Your District screen

  1. Select Continue.
  2. Select the Google Classroom you would like to share the lesson to in the ‘Select a Course:’ dropdown menu.

Share this Content screen


  1. Adjust the ‘Number of Points’ total for Google Classroom Grades integration if desired, then select the ‘Share to Course’ button.The assignment will be created and added to your Google Classroom. (You can enter 0 if you do not want to assign points or require a submission.)


  1. Edit the assignment settings as needed, such as adding a Topic or Due Date.


  1. Select the lesson’s name to view the content as your students will see it. Google Classroom assignment instructions screen, indicating selecting the name of the lesson


Note: If your assignment does not include the name of the lesson and instead says “Link”, please delete the assignment, wait a few minutes, and add the assignment again. (This does not happen often, but can be the result of dropping your internet connection during the assignment setup.)

Google Classroom assignment link that only shows 'Link' for the lesson name.