Before adding a module to a course in Blackboard Classic, the System Administrator and Blackboard administrator must complete the initial LTI setup. Verify with your Blackboard administrator that CourseArc has been installed before proceeding. 

  1. In CourseArc, navigate to the course module that needs to be embedded. Click on the LTI Embed button.
    Note: Only a System Administrator, Course Administrator, and Course Leader have permission to view LTI embed link information.

  2. Select and copy the LTI URL from the modal window that appears.

  3. In Blackboard Classic, navigate to the course that needs content embedded. In the sidebar, navigate to the main content area of the course (usually titled Course Content or Start Here).

  4. Ensure that Edit Mode is turned on. If it isn't, click the OFF button to turn it on.

  5. Hover over the Build Content button, then select Web Link from the dropdown.

  6. Complete the Create Web Link form as follows:

    Name: Name the web link however you'd like (e.g., the module title). 

    URL: Paste in the URL copied from CourseArc.
    Enable the checkbox for This link is to a Tool Provider.
    If bookmarking and grading features are needed, set Enable Evaluation to Yes.
    Set Open in New Window to No.
    Click Submit.

Watch this video to review the steps for adding a module of CourseArc content to Blackboard Classic.