Password Manager Warning! Any users adding LTI content should disable password autofill in their password manager or browser. Despite the key field being disabled, LastPass and other password managers sometimes fill in the Key field with your Moodle password which will break the LTI link.

To add a module to Moodle by selecting content, refer to How do I add a module to Moodle by selecting content?.

Before adding a module, the Moodle Administrator and CourseArc System Administrator need to work together to set up the initial LTI connection. For guidance on creating an initial LTI connection, refer to How do I configure the initial setup of an LTI connection in Moodle?.

  1. In CourseArc, navigate to the module that needs to be embedded in Moodle. Click on the LTI Embed button.

    Note: Only a System Administrator, Course Administrator, and Course Leader have permission to view the LTI embed link information.

  2. Select and copy the URL from the modal window that appears.

  3. In Moodle, navigate to the course where a link to the CourseArc module is needed. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose Turn editing on from the dropdown list.

  4. Click Add an activity or resource under the Topic that the CourseArc module should appear.

  5. Select External tool from the ACTIVITIES list, then click Add to continue.
    screenshot with external tool highlighted
  6. Fill in the Activity name and paste the LTI embed link into the Tool URL field. The Preconfigured tool field should be set to Automatic, based on tool URL
    screenshot of external tool form
  7. If a score for the module should be passed to to the Moodle gradebook, select Point in the Grade/Type setting. If a score for the module should not be passed, select None. Click Save and display to ensure that the content is rendering properly. 
    screenshot of settings
  8. A preview of the content will appear embedded in the course.

    screenshot of sample content embedded in Moodle