Only a System Administrator or Graphic Designer can create a new theme or edit an existing theme.

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Settings dropdown and select Themes.

  2. On the Themes page, select the Add New Theme button.

  3. The Add New Theme form will display.
  4. CourseArc has two base themes that are used as templates for creating new themes—Banner/Logo Image without Header Text theme and Logo with Header Text theme. In this example, the Logo with Header Text base theme is selected.
    Note: The Base Theme:, Name:, and Logo Alt Text: fields are required fields.

  5. Configure the field settings for this section of the form. 
    • Name: Enter a name for the theme. For theme names, there is a 50-character limit that may be exceeded when copying a theme (e.g., appending copy to the end of the new, copied theme's name). 
      Note: If a theme name with more than 50 characters is edited, the 50-character limit is enforced.
    • Logo/Banner: Click +Select your image to select an image from the File Manager. The recommended image size is 210 x 103 pixels (width x height). Images are resized automatically if they are too large.
    • Logo Alt Text: Enter an alternative text description for the logo/banner.
    • Header Line 1 and Header Line 2: These fields are often used as placeholders for titles or descriptions that content creators or instructors create.
    • Footer Text: Enter the footer to be displayed for the course. Typically, the footer contains copyright information.

      In this example, Course Title and Course Info are placeholders for the Header Line 1: and Header Line 2: fields.

      The Header Line 1: and Header Line 2: fields are customizable at the course level.

  6. In the color fields section, select the colors needed. Any color field that is not configured will use the default color of the base template selected. For more information on selecting colors, check out What do the color fields represent?.

  7. Click on the color picker icon and select a color, or enter a hex color (6-digit color code) into the text field. Click Choose to continue.

  8. For more advanced control of the theme, use the Custom CSS: field to set up the CSS as needed.

  9. Click Preview to preview the theme.
  10. A new browser tab will open up with with the theme applied to a few sample pages.

  11.  Click Save to save the theme.

    Banner/Logo Image without Header Text

    Logo with Header Text