Only a System Administrator or Graphic Designer can customize themes. CourseArc has two themes that can be customized: CourseArc Generic theme and CourseArc Colored Header theme.

CourseArc Generic theme

Screenshot of CourseArc Generic

CourseArc Colored Header theme
Screenshot of CourseArc Colored Header Theme

Tip: Rather than creating a theme from scratch, duplicate an existing theme and modify the duplicated theme to create the required branding, 

  1. Click Settings on the navigation bar and select Themes from the dropdown list.
    screenshot of navigation bar with Settings dropdown showing and Theme highlighted

  2. On the Themes page, select the Add New Theme button.
    screenshot of the Add New Theme button highlighted

  3. Select the desired theme.
    screenshot of the select a base theme screen

  4. Fill out the text fields. In this example, [Course Number] and [Course Title] are entered in the Header fields. These fields are also customizable at the course level.
    Note: Some fields may not appear based on options selected.
    screenshot of the theme form which includes name logo headers and footer text

  5. In the Logo/Banner: field, click +Select your image to upload an image or select an existing image. The recommended image size is 210x103. Images may be resized if they are too large.
    screenshot of the logo banner with select your image highlighted

  6. Select an existing image from the File Manager or upload a new image. To upload an image, select the Choose File button.
    screenshot of the file manager with the choose file button highlighted

  7. A file upload dialog will appear. Select the required file and click Open.
    Note: This dialog box may look different depending on the computer operating system manufacturer or release version.
    screenshot of the file dialog box with the file selected

  8. Select the Upload File button located on the top right-hand side.
    screenshot of the file manager with upload file highlighted

  9. Select the Continue button.
    screenshot of the upload complete message with the continue button highlighted

  10. Select the checkbox next to the file that was uploaded. The menu with options will appear. Click Choose to select your file as the logo.
    screenshot of the image being selected and the choose button is highlighted

  11. In the color fields, select the desired colors. Any color field left blank will use the default color. For more information on selecting colors, see the article on what each color field represents.
    screenshot showing all the types of colors such as Heading 1

  12. Click on the color picker icon and select the color needed, or enter a hex color into the text field. Click Choose to continue.
    screenshot of the color picker with the choose button highlighted

  13. For more advanced control of the theme, use the Custom CSS: field to set up the CSS as needed.
    Screenshot of custom css field in theme editor

  14. Click Preview to preview the theme, or click Save to update the Custom CSS: settings.
    Screenshot of the preview and save buttons.