When configured, the Master Course: setting designates an existing course as the template for new course creation—enabling preferred settings and required content to be copied into every new course. This feature is particularly useful if anyone is allowed to create a new course.

Only a System Administrator can configure the Master Course: setting.

Some settings to consider implementing in a master course are:

  • Course organization
  • Theme
  • Copyright statement
  • Icon set
  • Adding an orientation module for instructors

  1. Identify an existing course or create a new course to be used as a template when creating new courses.

  2. From the Dashboard, select Settings and then choose General Settings.

  3. In the Master Course: field, select a course to serve as the template for new course creation and click the Submit button.

When the Master Course: setting is enabled, the Add Course form does not show fields with preconfigured settings.

Preconfigured master course settings not displayed in the previous example are highlighted in yellow.

To disable the master course setting, select None for the Master Course: field and click Submit.