1. From the edit page view, click Add To Content then select Add Block.

  2. Select Accordions.

  3. The Add Accordions form will appear with the Title:* and Content:* fields blank. Complete the Title:* and Content:* fields. Click the Save Section button to save the section. Add and configure additional sections as needed.

  4. Once all the required sections have been created, select the Add+ button to save the block.

  5. The new Accordions block will now appear on the page in the edit page view.
  6. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the block to the course page and see the content as it will appear to learners.

  7.  When hoverining over the section titles under Manage Sections, the cursor becomes a four-sided arrow that can change the order of the sections via drag and drop. Click the Save button to save any changes made to the order of the sections.

  8. If a section needs to be edited, click the section title under Manage Sections. Make the necessary changes and click the Save Section button. When section editing is complete, click the Save button to save all changes made to the Accordions block.

    To learn how to place other blocks in the Accordions, Tabs, and Quiz blocks, refer to How do I embed content blocks in the Accordions, Tabs, and Quiz blocks?.