CourseArc is designed to perform well, even on low bandwidth connections. However, there are some strategies to further improve performance for students using limited Internet connections:

  1. Reduce the number of pages per module by consolidating multiple pages of related content on to a single page. Use appropriate headings to separate and organize the content. Use the Tabs and Accordions blocks to consolidate related content within a single block. These blocks allow content to be displayed in smaller pieces based on user interaction.
  2. Use a mainstream video streaming service, such as Vimeo or YouTube, for all embedded video content. All of the top-tier streaming services have a low-bandwidth setting that students can use. 
  3. Recommend that students use Google Chrome as their browser.
  4. Advise students to have browser caching turned on.
  5. Use CourseArc's Image block and File Manager to upload all images. CourseArc ensures all images are scaled appropriately and compressed for optimal load time.