System Administrators, Course Administrators, and Course Leaders can export course content to SCORM 1.2 from the module level of a course. For information about SCORM 1.2 requirements, refer to What should I do to prepare my CourseArc content for export to SCORM 1.2?.

  1. Navigate to the course module that needs to be exported to SCORM.
    screenshot of "manage module" page
  2. From the Manage dropdown, select SCORM Export. (Note: If you do not see this option, the feature may be off. Reach out to your CourseArc System Administrator or Account Manager for assistance.)
    screenshot showing the "manage" button has been clicked with "SCORM export" option at the top
  3. On the Request SCORM Package tab, enter a percentage for the mastery score—the score required of a learner to pass a given SCO (shareable content object) in the Mastery Score: field.

    If your content contains math equations that were entered in using the equation editor, check the box that says "This content contains math equations". Please note that this option increases the size of the SCORM file significantly.

    Screenshot of SCORM export screen with a field of "Mastery Scored" filled out with a value of 75. Checkbox "this content contains math equations" is unchecked.
  4. Click Request SCORM 1.2 Package.
    SCORM screen with "Request SCORM 1.2 package" being clicked
  5. A SCORM request confirmation message will appear briefly.
    Screenshot of confirmation message - "SCORM requested successfully. You will receive an email notification when your SCORM package is available for download."
  6. When the SCORM package has been created, the requester will receive an email notification.
    Screenshot showing an email notification - "SCORM export of content has been completed"
  7. Select the SCORM Package Status tab.
    Screenshot of SCORM page with "SCORM package status" tab being clicked
  8. Click the Download button for the SCORM package that needs to be downloaded.
    Screenshot of SCORM package status page - table shows a list of SCORM packages and shows "download" being clicked