CourseArc's SCORM Export feature generates SCORM 1.2 packages from the module level of a course.

System Administrators, Course Administrators, and Course Leaders can export a course module to the SCORM 1.2 format.

Single Page Modules
If the last page of a module—including modules that consist of a single page—has scored or interactive activities, a learner's score cannot be calculated accurately.

Any module with a scored or interactive activity on its last page should have an additional non-interactive page (i.e., no scored or interactive activities) added to the end of the module to allow scoring to be calculated for all preceding pages.

Adding a page to the end of a single-page module using the Summary page template

Poll Block
The Poll block is not supported for SCORM contentPoll blocks should be removed from module content before exporting a module to SCORM.

Instructor Notes Block
The Instructor Notes block is for instructor views only and is not shown in SCORM packages.

Graphic Organizer, Survey, and Writing Blocks

If module content has Graphic Organizer, Survey, or Writing blocks, instruct learners to print or save responses to PDF for these activities.

SCORM 1.2 Export Recommendations Example

Open the course module to be exported to SCORM.

In the module view, click the Manage button and select SCORM Export.

If there any known issues or special considerations for the module content being exported, the Request SCORM Package tab view shows the page, block type, and recommended action.

For more information about how content can be organized in CourseArc, refer to How do I organize content in a course?.
Check out How do I export CourseArc content to SCORM? to learn about the SCORM 1.2 export process.