Note: These instructions are only for the LTI 1.3 integration with Brightspace/D2L. If you are unsure what version of LTI is being used, contact your Brightspace administrator.

  1. Start in a Brightspace course in the Content area. Add a new module. Add a name for your module and save your module.
    Brightspace screenshot, top menu

  1. From within your new module, Select ‘Existing Activities’, then choose ‘CourseArc: Select Content’ from the menu. (The wording of this option may vary at your organization.)

    Screenshot of Brightspace, Existing Activities Menu with CourseArc Select Content option

    A list of all of the CourseArc courses you have access to will appear. You can search by course title or Filter By Tag using the buttons at the top or move pages using the page numbers at the bottom, if needed, to find your course.

  2. Select the plus sign to the left of the course name to open the course and see a list of the modules in the course.
    CourseArc Content modal with a list of courses and buttons to search course titles, Filter By Tag, or change pages.

  3. You can add 1 or more modules all at one time. For each module you want to add, select the check box to the left of the module name and select the Graded or Ungraded option.

    If you selected the Graded option, this will also create a column in the gradebook for that module. Enter the point value you want the grade column to be worth in the gradebook.
    (You can edit that later if needed.)

    Click the Select button at the bottom of that window to save. (You may need to scroll down further.)

    CourseArc Content modal, one course expanded to view modules, two modules have a checkmark. One has a radio button selected for Graded with Points: 1, the other has a radio button for Ungraded.

  4. Your link(s) to your module(s) will be listed in the Module area in Brightspace. You can move content around in Brightspace as needed. (The following screenshots are examples and don’t match the content option selected above.)
    Brightspace Modules area with newly added CourseArc content link visible

  5. Click on the link, and your first page of content will display. Notice the CourseArc content is embedded in the Brightspace frame. You are still in Brightspace at this time.
    Brightspace view with CourseArc content embedded

  6. Click the Edit in CourseArc button towards the top left of the content frame (under your module’s name) to edit the pages as needed. (If you do not see that button, you can also right-click the name of the page in the left navigation and paste that link into a new window after you log in to CourseArc.)

  7. You are now viewing the same content in CourseArc. (Notice the CourseArc logo at the top left helps you to see you are now working in CourseArc.) Use the Edit this Page button towards the top right corner to edit.
     CourseArc view
  8. Red dotted lines appear around the blocks in edit mode.
    CourseArc view, in edit mode

Once your students start working on the content, you can view their progress. View this knowledge base article to learn more: How does an instructor view their students' progress?

If you are newer to CourseArc and need help, you can get started by accessing this knowledge base article: How do I get started in CourseArc?