The features described in this article are only available to organizations that have student tracking turned on. Additionally, a course's Tracking and Grading: setting must be set to Participation or Cumulative.

For information regarding instructor options to update or adjust learner scores, refer to How do I adjust student scores?.

  1. Instructors can view learner progress for any module from the Learning Management System (LMS). Navigate to a page within the module that needs to be reviewed.
    Instructor view: Student's Progress & Performance button.
  2. Click the Student's Progress & Performance dropdown on the Students' Progress & Performance button and select This Module.
    Instructor view: Student's Progress & Performance dropdown with This Module highlighted.
  3. The Student Progress & Performance dashboard will appear. The dashboard lists each learner name with a progress bar showing the percentage of the module that has been completed as well as their current score (if the module has scored activities). Select the More Info button to display additional module performance details for individual learners.Student Progress and Performance Dashboard with columns: Name, Email, Score, Progress, Details.
  4. A module report for the individual learner will open showing each module page and associated activities. The bottom of the chart shows the learner's current score for the module.

    Learner performance for each page and activity within a module when course grading is set to cumulativeLearner performance table includes columns for Timestamp, Completed, Page/Activity, Score, and Action.
    Learner performance for each page and activity within a module when course grading is set to participationLearner performance table includes columns for Timestamp, Completed, and Page/Activity.
  5. Clicking on a page name closes the module report and opens the corresponding course page.
  6. Instructors can click on any page link to see details on how a learner scored on graded and non-graded items. The learner dropdown switches between views of learner responses.
    Instructor view of student results on a quiz.
    Edit in CourseArc button will display if Single Sign On (SSO) is enabled and the instructor has edit access to the course
    Instructor view with Edit in CourseArc button next to the Students' Progress & Performance button.

    Individual learner's answers for a graded quiz
    Instructor view showing name of student and their answers selected along with correct/incorrect feedback.
    Individual learner's answer for a non-graded constructed response question
    Instructor view of a student's written answer typed into a textbox.
  7. Select the Students' Progress & Performance dropdown and select Entire Course to view learner progress for all modules in the course.
    Instructor view: Student's Progress & Performance dropdown with Entire Course highlighted.
  8. The Entire Course Progress dashboard shows learners' score and progress for each module.
    Note: Only learners who have accessed at least one CourseArc module in the course will be included in the Entire Course Progress dashboard.
    Entire Course Progress table with student name and download option, and columns for each module with the score and progress indicator.
    Selecting the Export to Excel option downloads a .csv file with the same data displayed above: the list of students, their scores, and their completion percentage for each module in the course.

    Clicking the icon next to a learner name downloads a .csv file with the individual learner's interactions in the course.
    Export to Excel download shows columns: Page Name, Module Name, Type of Interaction, Action, Score, Timestamp, Block Type, Block ID and Page ID.