When a module is added to a course, it is populated with three template pages: Introduction, Overview, and Summary.

The Overview page consists of three sections:

  • Objectives
  • Activities
  • Resources

The Activities table and the total estimated time are dynamically generated as content editors populate the Minutes: and Assignments: fields for each page. The Activities table lists the pages in sequential order and automatically updates if content is reordered. If there aren't any assignments in a course, the Assignments column will not appear. The total estimated time is the sum of the estimated time for all pages in the module.

If an Overview page is not needed in a module, it may be deleted like any other course page.

Overview page

Overview page in edit mode

Note: The Activities table is automatically generated and not editable

Activities table updates after information is entered in a page's Minutes: and Assignments: fields

To learn about the different page templates available in CourseArc, refer to What is a page template?.