Click here to watch a video explanation for Tracking and Grading options.

With gradebook passback, CourseArc can send a module-level grade to a Learning Management System (LMS) for each learner. Gradebook passback requires student tracking. A System Administrator can enable student tracking.

  1. Navigate to the course that needs grading enabled. Click the Edit Course button.

    Note: If a course has a glossary, the Edit Course option will be in the Manage dropdown.

  2. (a) Configure the Tracking and Grading: option.
    If a course is set to Participation grading, each module's score is calculated based on how many pages the learner completes. Page completion requires interaction with all page activities. Learner performance for activities is not evaluated. If grading is set to Participation, an interactive activity block's Point Value: field does not display for initial block configuration or editing.
    The cumulative grade setting enables a participation point value for each page and the option to assign points to individual interactive activity blocks that have a scoring option.
    No Tracking or Grading
    If a course is set to No Tracking or Grading, learner interactions will not be tracked and no scores will be passed back to the LMS. If No Tracking or Grading is selected, an interactive activity block's Point Value: field does not display during block editing.
    (b) If applicable, enter a value for the Points value per page: field.
    (c) If a course is set to Participation or Cumulative grading, each course module will pass a score to the Learning Management System (LMS) gradebook—automatically if Score Syncing: is set to Automatic and at the discretion of the student or instructor if Score Syncing: is set to Manually triggered by student or instructor. Configure Score Syncing: as needed.

  3. Configure the LMS to pass learner data into CourseArc and to accept grades from CourseArc. This requirement is explained further in the following articles:
    How do I enable grade passback in Canvas?
    How do I configure the initial setup of an LTI connection in Blackboard?


Watch the following video to learn more about setting up the Tracking and Grading settings.