Equations and formulas can be added to a course glossary as a reference for students.

To create your own term and definition:

  1. From either the Manage Course or Manage Module view, select the Glossary button.
    screenshot of Glossary button highlighted

  2. Click the Add Term button.

  3. The Add New Term form will appear. Complete the form as follows:

    • Term (required): Enter the name of the term; this is a required field. 
    • Long Definition (required): Enter the definition; this is a required field. Click the built-in math editor button to add your equation. Click the appropriate tabs and keys to add your equation and click OK.  Here are some tips for creating the equation.

      Notice that this is a text editor, similar to our content block, that allows you to format the text, add equations, links, etc. Typically, definitions are not written as complete sentences and therefore are in lowercase with no punctuation.
      glossary term with math type highlighted

      math type showing a squared plus b squared equals c squared
    • Image (optional):  Use the File Manager to choose an existing image or upload a new image.
    • Alt Text (required if an image is uploaded): Describe the image by telling viewers about the image, but at the same time using as few words as possible. The purpose of the alternative text is to allow the content or purpose of the image to be available to someone with visual or cognitive disabilities. Alt text is only visible to those with screen readers. (To learn more about alternative text visit http://webaim.org/techniques/alttext/.)
    • Image Caption (optional): Add a caption to the image which will be displayed on the screen for all viewers. 
    • Audio (optional): Use the File Manager to choose an existing audio file or upload a new audio file. 
    • Audio Transcript (strongly recommended if audio is uploaded): Use the audio transcript field to ensure that the multimedia is accessible to students with auditory impairments.
    • Once you have completed the Add New Term form, select the Save button.
      screenshot of a completed glossary term using an equation

  4. The term will now appear in the course glossary.
    screenshot of Pythagorean theorem in the glossary terms

  5. Student view of course glossary
    screenshot of the glossary show the word arms with its definition and an image

    Student view of course glossary next to page content
    student view of content

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