The Sidebar page template enables side-by-side content.

  1. From the add page view, select Sidebar from the Template: dropdown.

  2. The page will appear as shown below with Add To Content on the left side and Add To Sidebar on the right side. Click Add To Content and add a block.

  3. Once a block of content is added on the left side of the page, click Add To Sidebar on the right side of the page and select Add Block.

  4. The Add Block modal will appear. Only blocks that fit in the sidebar are displayed.

  5. Select a block to add to the sidebar.

  6. Configure the block and select Add+ to add the block to the page.

  7. Once the the block is added to the page it will appear in the page's sidebar in the edit page view. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the blocks to the page.

  8. Once the changes are published and edit page view has been exited, the page will display as it will appear to learners.

Refer to What is a page template? to learn about the page templates available in CourseArc.