Add the Quiz block and configure the Quiz Settings section. For additional details on configuring the Quiz Settings section, refer to  How do I create a quiz?.

To create an ordering question type, complete the following steps.

  1. Select Ordering from the Type of Question: dropdown.

  2. The Ordering question type configuration settings will display.

  3. Enter a point value for the question in the Point Value: field.
    Note: This option will not appear if the course settings are set to No Grading or the quiz settings Grading?: is set to No.
  4. In the Directions: field, enter the directions for the task. It is important to be as explicit as possible, assume the learner is new to online learning. 
  5. Under Answer Options, type each of the answer choices in the correct order. The answer choices will be shown in random order to students. You can input up to eight different answers. 
  6. Each question includes the option to give a Hint. Read more about hints in the How do I add a Quiz block? article.
  7. If the Show Feedback?: is set to Yes in the Quiz Settings, each question allows feedback to be provided. Learn more about this option in the How do I add a Quiz block? article.
  8. When all the necessary fields are configured, select the Save Question button.

  9. After the Ordering quiz question has been configured and saved, select the Add+ button. 
  10. The new Quiz block will appear on the page in the edit page view. Select the Publish My Edits button to save the block to the page.

  11. Once the changes are published and the edit page view has been exited, the ordering question will display as it will appear to learners.

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